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What Can a Recycling Company Offer in Terms of Pricing?

A recycling company can offer onsite consultation for the prices they offer to recycle different types of metal. When you have E-scrap, electronic scraps, and scrap metal to recycle, but are not sure what you have and its value or how to transport it, they can help you determine what is recyclable. Recycling companies will also tell you the current copper scrap price, plus the aluminum scrap price they will pay for those types of metals. They also have specialized equipment to analyze metal at their facility or in the field, which can identify different types of metal, as well as determining its value.


Recycling from Your Home or Job Site

Whether you want to clean up around your home or job site, you have several options available to you when it comes to recycling metal. You can drag in your recyclable materials yourself if you choose. If that is not a possibility there are other options. Some companies offer a roll-off industrial container to use at home or on a job site. A recycling company that brings you a roll-off industrial container will have the equipment, trucking personal and experience to set the roll-off container where it will best suit your needs. A few examples of scraps that can be put in a roll-off industrial container include the following types of metal and e-scrap:


  • Mechanical and HVAC equipment
  • Commercial Boilers
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Construction Materials, Insulated Wires, BX Cable, and Metal Studs
  • Metal File Cabinets, Furniture, Kitchen Equipment and Appliances
  • Telecommunication and Computer Equipment
  • Warehouse Shelving, Racking Systems, and Display Units


Getting Paid for Your E-Scrap and Scrap Metal

When you take your scrap metal or E-scrap to a recycling company, it will be unloaded, graded and weighed. Your recyclable materials will be weighed on a certified scale that will provide a computerized scale ticket to determine what your load is worth, and then you will be paid in cash; this includes current scrapcopper prices too. A lot of people enjoy being able to recycle metals for money especially since it is recommended in order to help save the environment. More families and businesses are paying attention to how they recycle scrap metals and are taking responsibility for their excess waste by having it recycled at professional recycling companies. This type of company is beneficial for the future of a clean planet.

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