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Don’t Give Money Away, Call H & C Metals for Scrap Recycling

When you buy a new refrigerator or washer and dryer from an appliance store or a large department store, you may have to pay for delivery of your items, but the price once included the haul off of your old appliance as well. However, now when you buy a new appliance, you not only have to pay for delivery, but you have to pay for the haul-off as well.


Make Money for Recycling

The appliance store is making money from you in two ways when you have them haul away your old appliances. They not only make money when you pay for the haul-off, but they will usually take your old appliance, along with the others they’ve accumulated, to a scrap metal recycling yard that then pays them for the old appliances.


Instead of letting the company make money from you twice, you can call H & C Metals to pick up the appliances and we will pay you for recycling them. Along with appliance recycling, we also recycle ferrous and non-ferrous metals, electronic equipment, computers, HVACs, construction scrap and many other forms of scrap materials.


Commercial Recycling

Along with household recycling, we also offer recycling services to companies that may accumulate recyclable materials on a frequent basis. We can drop off a roll-off container to your business so you can fill it with your company’s recyclable materials. We will schedule regular pick-ups of your bin, keep track of the amount of recyclables your company had and send you a check for them at the beginning of every month.


For a business that may have several sites they need scrap picked up from, such as a construction business, we can send trucks to each site, pick up the scrap and add the payout to your account. We have work with construction companies, industrial businesses, demolition and clean out companies, schools and others to haul off their recyclable materials.


Firms that work with computers or electronics can also contact us to go out to their business for computer recycling or electronic recycling, which is uncommon for most scrap companies to do. Not only are we licensed to process this type of scrap, but we are also licensed to haul it away.


Free Pick-Ups for Recyclables

Instead of paying a company to haul off your old appliances or electronics, call H & C Metals about picking up your recycling for free. While some people would be satisfied to get free haul offs, we will also pay you for refrigerator recycling and the other recyclable materials we haul off for you. We pay the highest rates possible for scrap metals, so you will make some money for the old junk in your garage.

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