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H&C Metals & Balemet Recycling Purchase Flatbed Trailer

H&C Metals and its sister company, Balemet, are consistently striving to improve the services provided for its diverse clientele. Several methods include adding new trucking and logistics options to meet the evolving trucking requirements of their scrap supplier bases.

About the New Trailer Purchase

H&C Metals & Balemet Recycling have recently expanded their truck fleets by purchasing a tandem access flatbed trailer. The trailer’s dimensions are: 45’L x 8’H x 5’H and the scrap load weight capacity is 45K lbs.

Why a Tandem Access Flatbed Trailer?

A tandem access flatbed trailer increases the convenience of loading materials from all four sides of the trailer. When a roll-off container (dumpster) is too small to handle oversized loads, or a closed van trailer does not offer the multiple-loading options needed for the job, the flatbed trailer can be utilized to load a variety of scrap metal recycling items. For example, oversized demolition scrap such as long beams and pipes, as well as bulky, heavy industrial and commercial equipment.

The attached pictures illustrate the logistical capabilities of the flatbed trailer.

Flatbed Trailer Flatbed Trailer Flatbed Trailer

Flatbed Trailer in Action: Removal of 20-Ton Commercial Printing Machine

H&C’s customer, a printing company, utilized our trailer to load sections of an obsolete, 20-ton commercial printing machine. The advantages of using the flatbed trailer for this job include faster loading and unloading times of scrap equipment.

Shipped Off to be Recycled

Once the machinery was successfully loaded onto the trailer, H&C’s driver could expertly rig (securely attach) the scrap prior to hauling. The scrap printing press was then hauled to Balemet’s steel recycling facility in Newark for dismantling purposes. This was an important step to take before the recycling process; shipment to a steel mill for smelting and repurposing the steel into new products.

H&C Metals Continues to Increase its Capabilities

H&C Metals will continue to invest in an array of equipment and resources to provide the most efficient, safe, and prompt logistical solutions for its clients.

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