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H&C Metals Conducted A Presentation For Ironbound Catholic Academy (Newark)

Earlier this year, a teacher from Ironbound Catholic Academy (Newark) found our website and contacted H&C Metals to inquire if we were willing to conduct a presentation for their senior class.

Ironbound Catholic Academy

A Presentation on Metal and E-Waste Recycling


Students from the senior class were enrolled in an elective program that covered said industry. The teacher thought it would be fun and informative to include a segment about metal and e-waste recycling, as well as invite an industry representative to address the class.


H&C Metals’ Presentation Structure


H&C Metals agreed upon receiving the request and prepared a presentation discussing:


  • Physical samples of materials we buy & sell for recycling
  • Explaining & illustrating the difference between Ferrous & Nonferrous Metals, including the use of a magnet to demonstrate the differences
  • A “tour” of select pages from the H&C website to further explain our operations
  • Videos about the metal recycling & electronic scrap industries and how Lead Acid Batteries (e.g., Car/Truck Batteries) are recycled
  • A review of the transportation & trucking options we utilize for hauling scrap
  • The value of scrap metal
  • A Q&A session


We ended the presentation by providing each student with a complimentary H&C Metals magnet.

HC Metals – Ironbound Catholic Academy Testimonial Class of 2014

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