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H&C Metals, Inc. Recently Invested in a Yard Management System “Scrap Dragon”

H&C Metals, Inc. recently invested in a state-of-the-art yard management system called Scrap Dragon. This software is designed specifically for the operation of a metal recycling company. The new system became operational on June 2015 & benefits our retail and commercial scrap metal customers in several ways:


-ATM machine: Quickly dispenses cash to customers which reduces the time required to wait to get paid.


-ATM machine provides verbal and written instructions (English & Spanish) on the use of the machine.


-ATM provides self-service convenience; return to the ATM for payment at any time during H&C’s operating hours


-Handwritten, difficult to read scale tickets are replaced by computer-generated, easy-to-read scale tickets


-Professional scale tickets are provided to the customer which include a unique account number, detailed description of their commodities, gross/tare weights as well as the price and extended dollars for each item


-For customer convenience, customers are given a key tag to use as ID whenever they sell scrap at H&C. This eliminates the customer having to search for ID per transaction.


-Scale operators have a new, fast and easy-to-use data entry scrap buying system; this speeds-up the customer’s time at the scale


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