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Do Your Part by Recycling Scrap Metals

Each year, people in the United States recycle over 150 million metric tons of scrap metal. We see a large amount of this metal at H&C Metals, Inc. and encourage our consumers to actively recycle metal scrap when they can. Not only will this aid the environment, it will also help to put money in your pocket, since the price of scrap metal is higher than ever before.


Some reasons that you should consider recycling your scrap metal are highlighted here.


Help the US Trade System

The recycling industry, including our team, helps to generate 85,000 jobs and over $86 billion in revenue in the Nation each year. The products that are recycled are exported each year, which can help grow the US trade business further. When you recycle, you are supporting this source of income for the US and supporting jobs in America.


Recycling Metal will save Energy

When you use our services at H&C Metals, Inc., you will be helping reduce the total greenhouse gas emissions and use less energy than creating the metal from virgin ore. The total amount of energy that can be saved by using recycled metals instead of virgin ore is as follows:


  • A 92 percent of energy savings for aluminum
  • A 90 percent of energy savings for copper
  • A 56 percent of energy savings for steel


Conservation of Natural Resources with Metal Recycling

When you recycle your metal scrap with us, it will also help conserve natural resources. When a ton of steel is recycled, it will conserve as much as 2,500 total pounds of iron ore, 120 pounds of total limestone and 1,400 total pounds of coal. No matter the type of metal you bring to us at H&C Metals, Inc., you will be helping the environment, as well as your pocket.


We know that everyone is now looking for ways to make more money and for ways to help the environment, which is exactly what we have to offer. When it comes to your metal scrap, we can offer recycling services no matter the type or the amount that you have. This will ensure that you are doing something great for the environment, while earning yourself a few extra dollars in the process.


H&C Metals, Inc., has been in the business of recycling metal scrap for years. When you contact us, there is no question that you will reap all the benefits that are highlighted here. It is definitely time to do your part, and by simply bringing us your scrap metal, you will be benefiting a number of different people and places, including yourself, the nation and the environment. This is definitely a win-win situation that you should participate in achieving by recycling your scrap metals with us.

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