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Why Should You Sell Scrap to H & C Metals?

Whether you save the aluminum soda cans that your family goes through every week or you want to get rid of some old appliances, scrapping those items is good way to make extra money. Since scrap metal prices have jumped up in the past few years, recycling acceptable metals, such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, is more profitable than ever. However, some scrap metal yards have customers put in the effort to take apart old appliances or parts and haul them to the recycling yard.


The H & C Metals Advantage

When you do business with our company, H & C Metals, you are not required to break down any appliances, HVAC equipment or electric motors and take out the sellable metal. We do all of the work ourselves and we also haul it away from your home or your company. We are licensed to process items to remove scrap metal, so you don’t have to do it yourself.


We are also licensed to haul items for processing, including electronic scrap. If your business is upgrading your computer system and you want to recycle your old equipment, you can call H & C Metals to pick it up from your offices. Not every business that does scrap metal recycling takes electronic equipment because there are toxic substances in motherboards, and they may not have the license required to process those materials.


Acceptable Scrap Metal

We accept several types of scrap metal for recycling including:

  • Non-Ferrous Metals – They lack iron and include aluminum, copper and zinc.

We also accept electronic and computer scrap, along with appliances, auto parts, construction scrap, cell phones and many more items containing the metals listed above.


Unacceptable Scrap

The only scrap we don’t accept is televisions, wood, glass and combustible materials. Like other scrap metal yards, we do not accept solid waste, hazardous chemicals, radioactive materials or anything labeled as radioactive or HAZMAT. If those items are left for us to pick up, they will be left where they are and, if they have contaminated acceptable items, those could be left as well.


Payouts for Scrap

We pay the highest possible scrap metal prices based on the current market value. If you bring your own scrap, you will be paid with cash after the items have been weighed. For commercial customers, we pay at the beginning of every month unless other arrangements were made with our accounting department. Scrap metal recycling is a good way for you or your company to get rid of any acceptable items you have that cannot be disposed of in the garbage.


  • Ferrous Metals – These metals have iron in them and include pig iron, steel and metal alloys with iron, such as stainless steel.
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