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What is Scrap Metal’s price per Pound?

Scrap metal prices within the U.S. may change upon a day-to-day basis, as a disclaimer. The metal prices provided here must be utilized as a guideline to gain an idea of what’s possible to obtain at your area scrap metal yards. Regional and local influences inside your territory or state may make spot costs lower or higher. Dealers must charge different premium percentages above spot cost or they can add certain taxes which will take away from a personal profit.
Be ready to show some identification which includes your present address. Due to theft of scrap metal, dealers in nearly all states must keep a log of the time clients come in to sell their scrap metal.
Below are the average costs which typically are obtainable for ferrous metals.
Appliances: $0.07/pound
Cast iron: $110/ton
Sheet iron: $135/ton
Scrap iron: $135/ton
Melting steel: $145/ton
There are not any quality ratings listed for those ferrous metals. So long as metal may fit inside one of those categories, this is the average rate which is going to be offered by American scrap dealers. One ton will equal 2,000 pounds.
Below are the average prices which typically are obtainable for non-ferrous metals.
Aluminum: $0.30 to $0.40/pound
Copper/Aluminum: $0.95/pound
Aluminum cans: $0.36/pound
300 Series Stainless Steel: $0.35 to $0.55/pound
Bronze: $1.35/pound
Brass: $1.15 to $3.00 (more if clean)/pound
Copper: #1 through #3: $1.50 to $2.10/pound
Bare bright copper (that includes wire): $2.20/pound
You might also have the ability to recycle scrap lead elements, depending upon your area dealer’s state and licensing laws. Certain laws usually govern the transport and handling of scrap lead; therefore, you might need the dealer to remove the metal from your property. Average price of this scrap within the United States is $0.45/pound.

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