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H&C Metals is a metal recycling company that has been operating for 43 years. Located in Newark, NJ, we are conveniently situated near Rt. 78, Route 1-9 & the major arteries in Newark.

Why do we have so many repeat customers for so many years?

  • Customers rely on our dependable trucking to store & transport their scrap
  • Ease of unloading when they deliver their metal to us
  • Personal attention they receive from our employees
  • Convenience of one destination to sell all their scrap metals & select computer scrap
  • Getting paid fast with cash at our ATM

Our pricing is very competitive, but is subject to change due to fluctuating markets. Please call us today to learn more about our scrap metal recycling company & professional services!

Scrap Metal Prices

World markets are important to the scrap metal industry. In addition to supply & demand of scrap metal, global trade in metal commodities heavily influences the value of scrap metal prices within the U.S. and can result in scrap prices changing on a day-to-day basis.

Frequent price fluctuations apply mostly to non-ferrous metals (“NF”) such as Copper, Aluminum, Nickel (Stainless Steel), Lead, Tin & Zinc. These commodities are traded daily in two important terminal markets: The London Metal Exchange (LME) and the New York Commodity Exchange (“Comex”).

Trading methods for scrap iron & steel are different than that of NF scrap, however, similar to NF metals, market volatility can produce frequent price swings for commonly found ferrous metal (steel scrap), such as Light Iron, Cast Iron & heavy steel grades, including pipe, angle iron, beams & plate.

Other factors that influence what scrap metal is worth includes a scrap dealer’s proximity to rail lines, domestic mills & major shipping ports, competition between local & regional scrap buyers and various domestic & international economic conditions.

The below scrap metal prices provided here are only a guideline to get an indication of what H&C Metals pays for scrap metal. For daily spot scrap metal prices on what we are paying today, please call H&C Metals for a current quote!

Price Indications/Ranges for the Month of April 2024

**Non-Ferrous Metals

Metal Price Range
Copper $2.150/LB to $2.52/LB
Brass $1.48/LB to $1.75/LB
Radiators & Coils $0.450/LB to $1.15/LB
Aluminum $0.34/LB to $0.55/LB
Lead $0.43 – .48/LB
Lead Acid Batteries $0.17/LB to $0.20/LB
Insulated Wire & Cable $0.46/LB to $2.00/LB
Stainless Steel $0.22- $0.40/LB

**Ferrous Metals (Iron & Steel)

Metal Price Range
Light Iron and Appliances $0.055/LB
Heavy Steel & Auto Cast $0.065/LB to $0.075/LB
Tin Cans $0.07/LB

**Computers & E-Scrap

Metal Price Range
PC’s/Servers/Laptops/Hard Drives/Cell Phones $0.17/LB to $1.00/LB
Loose Motherboards/Circuit Boards/Power Boards/RAM $0.04/LB to $4.00/LB

**Catalytic Converters

Metal Price Range
Aftermarkets $5.00 Each
Domestic & Foreign OEM’s $25-$500/Each

**All prices are subject to change & reconfirmation based on fluctuating scrap market conditions.

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How Can I Sell Scrap Metal?

H&C Metals welcomes scrap recycling deliveries from the public. We provide a clean & safe environment for quickly dropping off your scrap metal & fast cash payment. If large amounts of industrial, construction or demolition scrap need to be stored & transported away from your business or project site, we also provide scrap metal pick-up services with our owned & operated trucking fleet!

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