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Scrap Metal Facilities & Equipment

H&C Metals, Inc. Scrap Yard and Capabilities:

Scrap Recycling Facility in Newark NJ - H&C MetalsH&C Metals, Inc. is a full service processing facility for scrap metal (specializing in Nonferrous scrap) & select electronic and computer scrap. It features a 30,000 sq. foot warehouse with attached offices, conveniently located in the heart of the Ironbound district of Newark. Immediate cash payment is available for retail scrap purchases/deliveries. Our loading dock can accommodate any size export container, roll-off truck and most van trailers. Our facility & equipment includes:

  • Automated Teller Machine (ATM) for easy, prompt cash payment
  • NJ State Public Certified & calibrated Digital Scales
  • Fork Lift Trucks
  • Alligator Shears
  • Wire/Cable Stripping Machines
  • Torch Cutters
  • Recycling Densifier/Baling Machine (for baling Aluminum Used Beverage Cans)
  • Nonferrous Horizontal Baling Machine (for baling: Aluminum Sheet & Siding, Copper & Aluminum Wire, Aluminum Copper Radiators, Auto Rads, Light Copper, Cardboard, etc.)
  • Roll-off trucks & Containers (20-40 Yd.), Tractor Trailers (48’-53’) and a variety of other trucking options
  • Refrigerant Recovery Equipment (for evacuating & recycling Freon from appliances)
  • Portable Metals Analyzer
Balemet Scrap Yard and Capabilities:

Balemet Scrap Yard in Newark NJ - H&C Metals, Inc.Balemet Recycling (H&C Metals, Inc.’s sister company) is a Ferrous (Steel) scrap metal processing facility, with scrap metal yard and attached offices, located ½ mile from H&C Metals, Inc. and conveniently located next to major highways. Immediate cash payment is available for retail purchases/deliveries. Accepted materials include: Light Iron (Loose or Baled), “White Goods” (Appliances), Steel (“Tin”) Food/Beverage Cans (Loose or baled), 55-Gal. Steel Drums (empty), Cast Iron, Demolition Scrap (Roof Decking, Beams, Pipe, Trusses, Sheet Pile, etc.), Turnings, Machinery, Warehouse Scrap (shelving/racks/conveyors/loading equipment, obsolete products, etc.), and Auto Parts

  • NJ State Public Certified & calibrated, Digital 60’ Platform Truck Scale
  • Harris, High-Density Horizontal Baler
  • Portable, Mobile Grapple Crane (with elevated cab)
  • Bobcats
  • Heavy Duty Fork Lifts
  • Font Loaders
  • Mobile Shear
  • Tractor Trailers (48’-53’), Tandem Access Flat-Beds and Roll-off Trucks & Containers (20-40 Yd.)
  • Portable Metals Analyzer
  • Refrigerant Recovery Equipment (for evacuating & recycling Freon from appliances)
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