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Aluminum And Steel Tariffs

How Aluminum And Steel Tariffs Impact the Metal Recycling Industry

November 25th, 2019 / admin / Comments Off on How Aluminum And Steel Tariffs Impact the Metal Recycling Industry

Before understanding the implementation of aluminum and steel tariffs, it’s important to learn more about the metals’ demand. Nearly all businesses and consumers in the United States rely on metals for a variety of applications. Take home refrigerators as an example; these products wouldn’t be what they are without the existence of metals. This also […]

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Scrap Metal Recycling

Does Scrap Metal Recycling Really Benefit The Economy And Environment?

November 10th, 2019 / admin / Comments Off on Does Scrap Metal Recycling Really Benefit The Economy And Environment?

Choosing scrap metal recycling over landfill options is certainly the smarter thing to do. The former is great for the earth as it limits the amount of natural resources that have to be extracted, processed and utilized in the process. Additionally, the option of recycling scrap metals helps improve the country’s economy as well. Read […]

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Stainless scrap

Why You Should Sell Your Stainless Scrap Without Delay

October 24th, 2019 / admin / Comments Off on Why You Should Sell Your Stainless Scrap Without Delay

Do you have excess stainless steel scrap that’s waiting to be sold? You should consider selling it now because the stainless scrap prices have exceeded 2019 initial estimations and are now dropping. Between January and early September, the prices steadily increased. One of the reasons why the prices continued to climb in the United States […]

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aluminum scrap

Why You Should Sell Your Aluminum Scrap Without Delay

October 20th, 2019 / admin / Comments Off on Why You Should Sell Your Aluminum Scrap Without Delay

If you have aluminum scrap in your inventory, now is a good time to sell it. You should not hold on to it because prices for all aluminum scrap grades (e.g., the mill & secondary grades) are declining. Latest reports showed that there was a decrease in primary metal on the London Metal Exchange (LME). […]

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Lithium-Ion Batteries

Understanding The Need To Recycle Lithium-Ion Batteries

August 13th, 2019 / admin / 0 comments

Today, lithium-ion batteries (or Li-ion batteries) are considered the battery technology of choice in a wide spectrum of electronics. For example, e-readers, laptops, smartphones, and more. Additionally, these batteries are also utilized to power various tools and even electric vehicles (EVs). Speaking of powering vehicles, industry analysts predict that China alone will generate approximately 500,000 […]

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scrap import restrictions

What You Need To Know About China’s Scrap Import Restrictions

July 12th, 2019 / admin / 0 comments

Did you know that China planned to restrict imports of eight different scrap categories? Yes, the restrictions are real and were implemented on the first of July. These latest restrictions were the country’s way of cleaning up its environment and to form recycling as a domestically driven industry. In addition to that, the restrictions were […]

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scrap metal prices

What Are the Factors That Can Affect Scrap Metal Prices?

April 28th, 2019 / admin / 0 comments

Whether you are someone who sells scrap metal, or a business owner that purchases processed scrap metal, it’s important to understand scrap metal prices. In the United States, for example, there are certain criteria that affect the prices of scrap metal. Let’s make a closer examination of what factors influence scrap metal prices. Supply and […]

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recycle scrap aluminum cans

Why Should You Recycle Scrap Aluminum Cans?

April 21st, 2019 / admin / 0 comments

Does anyone really recycle scrap aluminum cans? The answer to this question is an emphatic yes! So much so that today, we are still using some 75% of all the aluminum ever created. In the United States, it is one of the most commonly recycled metals in existence. Furthermore, because in the process of recycling, […]

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recycling scrap meals

Understanding The Fundamentals Of Recycling Scrap Metals

April 14th, 2019 / admin / 0 comments

In this day and age where everyone is “going green”, the act of recycling scrap metals is a popular choice not only for its energy and materials saving capabilities but its lucrative possibilities as well. Let’s find out more about recycling scrap metals. Metal Recycling Since metal working’s early days, scrap metal has gone through […]

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Materials Spotlight: Aluminum

April 7th, 2019 / admin / 0 comments

Most of us are familiar with the aluminum cans that hold our favorite soft drinks, carbonated alcoholic beverages, and etc. We see people along the roadside picking them up and putting them in plastic bags, while we are able to donate cans to charitable drives. But where do those collected cans go? More likely than […]

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