Metal not being used in a productive way is “scrap metal”. This includes many different types of copper based products and materials. The scrap copper market is always fluctuating up and down. The value of copper scrap that metal recyclers like H&C Metals pay, is first determined by the COMEX—the commodity exchange in NYC, which is the U.S. based futures and options market for trading copper.

There are other factors that influence the value of copper scrap, primarily demand from domestic & international buyers/consumers (e.g., refineries, ingot makers, mills, smelters, foundries, etc.) to produce new copper products from recycled copper and brass materials.

The value of recycled copper can also be influenced by the strength or weakness of the U.S. dollar, the general economic condition of the U.S. and China & other industrialized countries, the global output of copper ore mines, and global events which have actual or perceived impact on economies & demand for the metal.

A Strong Demand for Copper Bearing Scrap Materials

Currently, all of the above combined factors are creating an increased demand for copper which has resulted in the strongest scrap copper market for at least the previous 12-months. How does that benefit you? H&C Metals is currently paying the highest amount we have paid for copper-related scrap during the past 12-months. This impacts not just the highest valued copper scrap such as Bare Bright Copper Cable, Copper Pipe & Tubing (#1 copper, #2 copper) and Light Copper, but also Brass scrap & an entire class of copper & brass based products known in the Nonferrous metal recycling industry as “ Copper Bearing” or “Copper breakage”.

An Introduction to Copper Breakage and Copper Bearing Products

What is Copper Breakage and Copper Bearing? These terms refer to products and materials which contain some percentage of Copper or Brass but also have other significant attachments or impurities, as well as coatings or plating. Since Copper Breakage includes attachments of different types of metals such as Iron, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and non-metallic contaminants, various methods must be applied to separate, break apart, clean, and extract the red metals portion, i.e., copper and brass content from the contaminants. Unlike clean copper and clean brass scrap, the additional labor involved in this separation process and the low (or no) value of impurities translate to an overall lower value paid for copper bearing scrap.

The good news is that copper bearing materials are very commonly found scrap items & are usually heavy. This translates to more money paid for scrap! Since H&C Metals is paying high prices for copper & brass scrap now, the scrap prices for copper bearing and copper breakage are also up!

Examples of Copper Bearing/Copper Breakage Scrap items:

  • Electric Motors
  • Copper Windings
  • Armatures
  • Stators
  • Copper Transformers
  • Copper Transformer Coil
  • Starters
  • Alternators
  • AC Compressors
  • Ballast
  • Sealed Units (compressors)
  • Irony/Contaminated Brass (Examples: sprinkler heads, faucets, water valves, bolts, fittings, water meters)
  • Irony Copper
  • Skimmings, Residues & Slags

H&C Metals, a trusted nonferrous metals buyer, is more than happy to purchase your copper breakage and copper bearing scrap. Call us today for more information about this large category of scrap metal and for the latest price updates on the above-mentioned items.