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Does Scrap Metal Recycling Really Benefit The Economy And Environment?

Choosing scrap metal recycling over landfill options is certainly the smarter thing to do. The former is great for the earth as it limits the amount of natural resources that have to be extracted, processed and utilized in the process. Additionally, the option of recycling scrap metals helps improve the country’s economy as well. Read on to find out more about the economic and environmental benefits that come with recycling scrap metals!

Scrap Metal Recycling Creates Jobs

The scrap metal  general recycling industries are some of the top employers in the United States. These industries typically provide jobs for tens of thousands of individuals on an annual basis. In fact, the recycling industry creates at least nine times more jobs than other employers specializing in sending waste materials to incinerators and landfills.

Research has shown that the scrap recycling industry supports over 450,000 American jobs. This is possible because the recycling industry is much more labor-intensive than solid waste management. Workers are needed to collect, sort and process materials, as well as take up supporting roles in the areas of logistics, sales and operations.

Increases Export Sales

The recycling industry has generated nearly $11 billion in revenue for federal, state, and local governments. That is why recycling scrap metal is great for the economy; has a solid track record of generating billions of dollars in export sales per year. This means that through the aforementioned industry, America is able to remain competitive on the global scale.

Reduces Toxins in Landfills

Certain types of metal-containing items contain dangerous toxins, such as mercury and lead. When these materials are processes according to the appropriate property facility type, these toxins can be safely separated and disposed of. Gone are the days when these materials make their way into landfills, which eventually contaminate the country’s water and soil. If this happens, the contamination can have a serious disruptive effect on wildlife, human health and the earth as a whole.

Saves and Conserves Natural Resources

One of the most pressing reasons why the entire H&C Metals team is passionate about recycling scrap metals is that it helps saves natural resources. It is important to understand that there is a limited amount of metal ore found on the planet. Once these resources are extracted, they are gone FOREVER. These extraction practices are potentially harmful to the environment & at worst costly and energy intensive. Choose recycling; it’s the better option. The majority of metal-based products can be recycled FOREVER.

Choose H&C Metals, Inc. for all Your Scrap Metal Recycling Needs

By recycling scrap metals, both individuals and companies can become active participants in helping the environment and improving the economy, i.e., improving one’s own business’ economic situation and supporting more American jobs. At H&C Metals, you can be sure that we’ll pay top dollar for your scrap metals!

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