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Everything You Wanted to Know about the Business of Metal Recycling

Chances are you are already well aware of the huge, far-reaching metal recycling industry. Today, a large amount of the metal that is placed in products such as structural steel and appliances is being recovered or recycled by companies such as ours. Additionally, scrap metal recycling is definitely on the rise with metal recycling prices higher than ever.


However, did you know that our business offers a number of benefits for you, the community and the environment? Our team at H&C Metals, Inc offers our services to you directly. You bring us your metal, we pay you for it – it really is that simple. Learn more about the business and why the metal recycling prices are higher than ever here.


An Environmentally Friendly Process

The process that we use at H&C Metals, Inc. is not an energy intensive one. It is also much more efficient than the process of first extracting and then refining various raw metals, which has to be done during the traditional mining process. Additionally, mining creates a number of different hazards to the environment, which includes the destruction of the habitat, pollution of the groundwater, poisonous runoff and geological conditions that are not stable. Mining also uses a large amount of fossil fuels.


When you choose to use a service such as ours, then it will reduce the amount of fossil fuels that are used and is much less energy intensive than the mining process. Our process at H&C Metals does not cause any type of pollution or create any issues to the environment, which is another reason that metal recycling prices are skyrocketing.


Reduction of Waste and Production of Space

When you use our services for recycling scrap metal, it will free up a large amount of space in landfills to allow true junk to be discarded instead. There are a number of metal products that are quite bulky and with the increasing metal recycling prices; we are able to clear some of these items from taking up space in the landfills, which is beneficial for everyone. This will prevent the need to create new landfills or other spaces for waste.


The Economic Benefits

While our recycling business is definitely labor intensive, it is also extremely lucrative. This is true for you, our customers, as well as those of us in the recycling business. H&C Metals has seen a consistent rise of metal recycling prices which are passed on to you with each item that is brought in to be recycled.


When it comes to the metal recycling business, it offers a number of benefits. Here at H&C Metals, we offer superior customer service, as well as the top metal recycling prices to ensure you are happy with the amount you receive.

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