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Four Reasons to Recycle Scrap Metal

Taking the time to browse your home carefully may reveal a hidden gem: scrap metal. Just by looking through your garage, you may find a treasure trove of scrap metal that comes from old vehicles, unused wiring, and extra piping. Rather than continuing to collecting your scrap metal, the alternative option is to recycle it.


Recycling your scrap metal is easy and it comes with a number of advantages. Here are a few reasons to rid yourself of your scrap metal:


The Monetary Advantage


Today’s metal recycling prices is the first reason to recycle your scrap metal. While prices for metal recycling will vary from state to state, the variance is usually minor. Copper, which is a desirable and expensive metal, typically goes for around 1.65 per pound. Electric wire will sell for about .80 per pound and old sheet aluminum sells for around 20 per pound.


The great thing about selling metal is that weight adds up quickly and as a result, you’re looking at a reasonable payout that will leave your wallet happy. You can also review prices with a number of sellers to confirm that you’re getting a good price for what you are selling.


The Environmental Advantage


These days, the environment is a significant concern for most individuals. Selling your scrap metal is one of the best ways to help the environment because it essentially allows the buyer to recycle the metal. Rather than mine new metal, which leads to the emission of substantial greenhouse gases, companies can now use scrap metal to manufacture their products. By helping to lower emissions, you can be a step forward to a more environmentally friendly future.


Water Conservation


Selling your scrap metal is also a way to help conserve water. Recycled metal not only reduces greenhouse gases, but it also leads to a 40 percent reduction in water use in compared to mining for metals.


Resource Preservation


Finally, selling your scrap metal is a wonderful way to help preserve resources. Your scrap metal will be used to manufacture numerous new products, thereby reducing the need of companies to mine for what they need.


Another advantage of selling your scrap metal is that you’ll also be able to make more space in your home. You won’t have anything cluttering your garage, closets, and other spaces. With that, you can put the space to better use for you and your family.


At HC Metal, we work to provide you with some of the best metal recycling prices on the market. Visit our site today for a look at what we have to offer so you can recycle metal today.

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