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Materials Spotlight: Aluminum

Most of us are familiar with the aluminum cans that hold our favorite soft drinks, carbonated alcoholic beverages, and etc. We see people along the roadside picking them up and putting them in plastic bags, while we are able to donate cans to charitable drives. But where do those collected cans go? More likely than not, they are taken to a recycling center and turned in for cash.

What Is Aluminum?

Scientifically speaking, aluminum is a light grayish-silver metal and atomic number 13 as a chemical element, with a symbol of Al. It is said that, by weight, 8% of the earth’s crust is made up of aluminum. Its abundance is part of the reason that, frequently, this material is taken for granted. At 660.32°C (1220.58°F) it melts. At 2519°C (4566°F), it boils. Like zinc, titanium, tin, nickel, lead, and copper, it is a nonferrous metal.

When you look at aluminum closely, its usefulness is rather surprising. The metal loses electrons (or oxidizes) very easily. In iron, this reaction causes rust. When that happens (with iron) degradation and flakiness occurs. Here’s the difference: with aluminum, that same reaction actually shields it from further decay because it sticks to the original metal. But the benefits of aluminum don’t stop there.

Top Material Features

Aluminum is preferable to other materials for numerous reasons. It is easy to recycle, fold, and mold. Yet, it stands up to repeated use and resists corrosion. When compared to copper or steel, it is exceptionally lightweight, making it perfect for applications that require metal that is not cumbersome and difficult to work with.

Aluminum is sometimes referred to as the “miracle metal”. Among other things, aluminum possesses high thermal conductivity and high electrical conductivity. It resists corrosion, it is highly reflective and resilient. When it comes to finishing options, aluminum offers a wide range of choices.

Fun fact: Aluminum was considered more valuable than even gold, for decades. Napoleon lll (circa 1848) not only had a rattle made for his son from aluminum but used aluminum cutlery and plates with which to serve his most honored guests!

What You Need to Know about Recycling Aluminum

One of the most recyclable materials in existence is aluminum. In the recycling bin outside your home, the aluminum cans you throw away are more valuable than any other item. Every year, over $700 million in aluminum cans are discarded by the American public.

Recycling aluminum helps save the planet as well as being lucrative. It saves money, time, energy, and precious natural resources. As an example, you can make 20 recycled aluminum cans with the same energy that it takes to take bauxite ore and create one single brand-new aluminum can.

Choose H&C Metals Inc. to Help You Recycle Aluminum

At H&C Metals, we can cover your recycling needs. We recycle, process, haul, and buy not only scrap metal, but electronic waste and select computer waste. We handle metals from not just the general public but also from schools, hospitals, public and municipal works, demolition, small and large businesses, corporations, manufacturers, industries, construction management, general contractors, and more in the tri-state region and Newark, New Jersey area. We are highly committed to stellar customer service and recycling performance for over 40 years. If you are in search of a facility where you can sell your scrap steel and iron, copper pipe, or aluminum cans, contact us today. We pay competitive prices and offer full scrap metal service.

Alternatively, if you have questions about possible recyclable materials, our competitive prices, H&Cs’ Trucking and Hauling capabilities, or specific inquiries about metal recyclables, contact one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives today.

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