H&C Metals, Inc. Expands Freon Refrigerant CFC Evacuation and Recycling Program

H&C proudly announces it has added to the ranks of its employees who have taken the EPA mandated course & passed the exam necessary to recover refrigerants (earning an EPA 608 Certification). Refrigerant recovery requirements and licensing are regulated by the Federal EPA, Section 608 of the Clean Air Act 1990. Additionally trained personnel translates to H&C’s ability to increase the amount of scrap it purchases and processes. Customers benefit by scrapping with a company who also recovers Freon for reuse.

H&C Metals, Inc., demonstrates its commitment to corporate responsibility, protecting our environment and its customers’ downstream through the creation of new green recycling initiatives. H&C Metals is one of the few scrap metal recyclers in NJ, PA & NY that owns and operates equipment necessary to legally, safely and professionally remove and dispose of Freon gases (CFC refrigerants) from appliances and A/C units which have been scrapped.