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Our Team

H&C Metals, Inc. and Balemet Recycling Staff

Our companies are fortunate to employ an extremely knowledgeable, proud, professional and customer focused staff. From our truck drivers to scale operators to material handlers, our customers depend highly on their exceptional dedication and ability to execute their duties efficiently, accurately and promptly.

Frank Colantuono, Founder of H&C Metals, Inc. and Balemet Recycling: H&C and Balemet owe their great success, longevity & sterling reputation to Frank. Frank’s years of tireless effort to build a business from scratch, provided an essential recycling destination for the Newark Ironbound community which blossomed into a full-service metal recycling company as a result of earning the trust of a variety of new scrap metal suppliers, including municipalities, contractors, the demolition & construction industries & large & small companies throughout the Tri-State area. Frank also distinguished himself for his generosity, giving back to the community & supporting various charitable organizations in the name of H&C Metals. Frank’s legacy will guide the company for future generations.


Mike Colantuono, Co-Owner and President of H&C Metals, Inc.: Mike has spent his entire professional career in the scrap metal recycling industry and has been at the helm of H&C [since 1986], specializing in buying and selling nonferrous Metals. His training and experience, before and after college, was shaped by his father and co-founder of H&C, Frank Colantuono. H&C’s sterling reputation is a reflection of Mike’s ability to offer his customers customized solutions to their recycling needs and always striving to meet & exceed their service expectations. Through his leadership and by example, H&C Metals continues to expand by developing long-term, loyal customer alliances. Mike@HCMetals.com


Dan Colantuono, Co-Owner and President of Balemet Recycling: Dan has been the President of Balemet Recycling for over 20 years. Like his brother, Dan worked in the family business under the tutelage of his father and established Balemet Recycling. Balemet buys and processes large quantities of steel scrap from commercial, industrial & municipal accounts, specializing in producing P&G Bundles/# 1 Bundles and Tin Can Bundles. Dan strives to provide impeccable service. This has resulted in building lasting relationships & loyal customers, propelling Balemet Recycling to expand its scope of service to the Eastern Seaboard. Dan@Balemet.com


Ken Oettinger, Chief Operating Officer: Ken joined the company in January of 2011. Ken brings a unique blend of both scrap metal recycling knowledge and numerous years of business-to-business corporate sales experience, spanning a wide variety of industries. Ken’s primary responsibilities include increasing H&C Metals, Inc.’s and Balemet’s scrap intake, Sales and Marketing, working with existing & establishing new customers, selling nonferrous metals to domestic & international consumers as well as overall day-to-day operations. Ken initiated H&C’s scrap Computer & Electronic Recycling program and is viewed as a key component of the long-term success of H&C Metals, Inc. & Balemet Recycling. Ken@HCMetals.com


Carol Lannon, Office Manager: Carol brought a wealth of administrative & operational experience with her when she joined H&C Metals, Inc. in 2005. Including her Class “A” Commercial Driver’s License, Carol’s background prepared her well to manage the following functions for H&C Metals, Inc.: Logistics & dispatch, Customer Service & Support, Accounts Payable/Receivables, Personnel/Human Resources, OHSA and Health & Safety administrator. Carol takes great pride ensuring our customers are provided with the timely & professional service they’ve come to expect from H&C Metals, Inc.. Carol@HCMetals.com


Sigi Estremera, Administrative Assistant: Sigi has been expertly managing the inside administrative operations at Balemet Recycling for [over] 25 years. As a liaison to Balemet’s accounts, Balemet’s customers have the highest praise for Sigi’s abilities to facilitate logistics necessary to keep their operations running smoothly. Sigi provides customer tonnage reports, manages Accounts Payables & Receivables as well as other administrative duties. Sigi@Balemet.com


Joseph Estevez, Yard Manager: Joe joined Balemet Recycling in 2017, to supervise & manage Balemet’s yard operation. Joe is bilingual & was raised in the Ironbound section of Newark. He brings a wealth of knowledge & skill sets, combining his formal education in industrial studies with his extensive experience in the building trades where he was continuously promoted & distinguished himself as a leader by his employers & peers. Joe’s grasp of the construction industry, materials, equipment and logistics and the importance he places on accommodating our customers makes him a valuable addition to our team. His reputation & long term roots in the Newark trades community will attract new contactor customers to Balemet. Joe@balemet.com

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