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What H&C Metals Can Offer to Retail Contractor Customers

H&C Metals receives, hauls, purchases, and processes scrap metals from the public, general contractors, manufacturers, small and large businesses, schools, hospitals, municipal and public works agencies, and much more. On a retail basis, however, retail contractors constitute one of the biggest groups of customers that deliver scrap metals to H&C Metals. Our full-service scrap metal facility has been in business for over four decades. We can provide expert assistance with unloading our retail contractor customers’ material from their trucks, including forklift truck service for heavy or awkwardly large items, as well as advice on separating scrap commodities to maximize scrap value for our customers. In the event a retail contractor needs additional trucking services to haul their scrap to us, scrap metal pickup and drop-off solutions for retail contractors in the Newark, NJ area and the Tri-State region is only a phone call or email away.


Types of Scrap Metals that Retail Contractor Customers Generate

To give you a better idea on the types of scrap metals that retail contractors produce on a daily basis, check out the list below:


●  Electrical Contractors: Insulated copper wire (ICW), including – copper MCM power cables, THHN, ROMEX, communication cables, CAT5/6 wiring, data cables, Heliax, BX cables, high-voltage cables/wiring, ground wire, control wire, house wire, weatherproof, line wire, bare bright copper, light iron (receptacles), copper bus bar, steel or aluminum light fixtures, electric motors, ballast, cast aluminum, aluminum power cable, leaded copper cable, lead cable, conduit pipes, and bus panels.


●  Plumbing Contractors: Brass, valves, copper piping, copper tubing, sprinkler systems, hot water heaters, aluminum and stainless-steel sinks, brass pipes, fittings, faucets, water meters, lead pipes, and cast iron.


●  Public Utility, Lineman & Municipal (PSE&G, JCP&L, DPW’s etc.) Employees: Copper power cables, aluminum power cables, copper transformers, Aluminum Transformers, underground power cables, aluminum light poles, cast aluminum, spools of wire, fire hydrants, cast iron pipes, cast iron sewer grates, gas pipe, valves, and water meters.


●  Mechanical Contractors: Furnaces, boilers, HVAC equipment, fans & pumps, Cooling Towers, rooftop HVAC units, generators, aluminum copper radiators, coils, electric motors, duct work, sheet metal, light iron, steel sheet, copper piping, copper tubing, cast iron pipes, cast iron radiators, sealed units (compressors), AC units, hot water heaters, baseboard heaters, gas lines, gas piping, air cleaners, and air purifiers.


●  Roofing Contractors: Light copper (copper flashing), sheet copper, aluminum & copper gutters, aluminum siding, aluminum & copper downspouts, and air compressors.


●  General Contractors: Excess new construction materials such as steel roof decking, duct work, angle iron, beams, steel and aluminum conduit, insulated copper wire, ROMEX, gutters, and downspouts.


●  Elevator Contractors: Elevator cable, insulated copper wire, electric motors, copper transformers, brass fittings, hardware, steel cables, stainless steel, mechanical equipment, machinery, handrails, pulleys, structural steel, circuit boards, steel shafts, brass gears (gear brass), armatures, and stators.



Why Do Scrap Metals Exist? Why Do They Originate from Retail Contractors?


From home improvement to construction to demolition to manufacturing processes, there will be excess building and industrial materials of scrap metals generated during every job at completion. To generate additional revenue and reduce operational costs, as well keep scrap from landfills, retail contractors are encouraged to collect these materials, sort them by like item, and prepare for pickup from, or delivery to, a scrap metal recycling center.


Once at a scrapyard, the retail contractor customer’s scrap is weighed and the materials—Ferrous (Iron & Steel) and Nonferrous scrap (all other metal, such as Copper & Brass) are sorted & grouped (packaged) together with like items having equal value. The purification process continues as the numerous types of scrap commodities are sold and shipped to other companies who further refine the materials through various means, including chopping, shearing, shredding, and ultimately melting in a furnace. Molten metal is then cooled and solidified into ingots which are sold to a manufacturer—such as a foundry, to be re-melted and poured into molds designed to create new consumer and commercial products for the marketplace. Thereafter, the lifecycle of metal begins again.



How H&C Metals Can Help Our Retail Contractor Customers


●  Specialty project options: When the job calls for it, various trucking options are provided to contractors; we have the equipment and expertise to match up the appropriate trucking options to the specific project and needs of the customer.


●  Increased convenience: Two drop-off locations for retail contractors so that they can quickly unload what they have without making an appointment. Contractors also do not have to drive around with all of the disposed materials they have collected from their jobs. They can conveniently unload their scrap, place it on our digital scales, get paid for it and move on to their next customer.


●  Payment: H&C Metals provides computerized scale tickets showing the scrap commodity description, the weight, the price and dollars paid for the scrap metal. Cash payment is immediate (contractors can get paid at our ATM instantly). H&C Metals’ retail contractor customers appreciate our competitive rates and convenient, prompt payment.


●  Free on-site project consultation: Depending on the size and scope of the project, an experienced scrap metal buyer from H&C Metals can visit a contractor’s job site to assist with managing scrap disposal. Contractors can count on us to identify and assess the metals that can be recycled. If necessary, we have a mobile handheld metal analyzer to identify metals to be scrapped and can advise the value of these materials.


H&C Metals strives to provide value-added experiences for both retail (delivery customers) and commercial contractors (scrap pick-up customers) and be a professional recycling partner who pays competitive prices.

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