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What’s the Price Difference between Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals?

Because non-ferrous metal is more difficult to come by than ferrous scrap metals, metal recycling prices per lb. will be best for them. Inside every core metal group include sub-categories based upon what the real scrap metal happens to be. Below are a few instances of metal grading in order for you to know what you can expect if you are taking things to be recycled to the dealer in your area.


It can be separated into wire, tubing, and roofing categories. Each one is graded using a rating of #1, 2, or 3. On average, number 1 bare bright copper wire usually brings in the top costs at $2.20/pound, whereas, on average, #3 roofing copper brings in around $1.50/pound. Also, copper that has tar might be taken by a few dealers in the area.

Stainless Steel

Numbers that are assigned to this steel are reflections of the real alloy, as well as quality of materials utilized to create it. This series ranges from 100 to 600 with certain numbers that are assigned to stainless steel. The majority of dealers will provide a per pound rate for stainless steel (300 series).


The metal is special because it’ll come in various forms. Aluminum cans can be recycled with a per pound price inside states in which there isn’t any container deposit rule. A bit of aluminum is blended with copper; it’s sold at a different rate, such as with radiators. Various aluminum alloys, like #6063 or #6061, possess volatile spot costs which frequently change all throughout the day. It may be discovered in turnings, siding, in wire, or be provided in heaps of aluminum scrap.

If you have a desire to know which prices you’ll be getting for your metal as you sell scrap metal, you will have to have an idea what type of metal you are selling and which grade it’ll be assigned. Brighter metals which are simple to recycle and clean always will command the top costs and cash for scrap metal, particularly while looking at non-ferrous scrap metal rates.

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