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Where to Find Scrap Metal

If you’re like most people, you’ve got a stash of scrap metal around your house and are unaware of it. Taking the time to browse your home for scrap metal can lead to a large payout. The trick to finding scrap metal that you have is to know exactly where to look. After finding your scrap metal and doing some research on what everything is worth, you can reach out to the right buyer to get cash for scrap metal that you don’t need. With today’s scrap prices, you’re bound to make a profit.


Here are a few of the best places to look to find your own stash of scrap metal:


Your Home and Garage


Your home and garage can contain an array of different metals that you can sell for big bucks. Your easiest sources of scrap metal are your electronics. For example, if you have televisions and computer monitors around that you don’t need, all you need to do is to snip out the wires to sell. The wires contain copper, which is the most valuable metal to have in your collection.


Other sources of scrap metal are large appliances such as driers, refrigerators, and dishwashers. The advantage of collecting scrap metal from these items is that they contain a lot of scrap, which can add up quickly in weight. The source of the scrap metal in large appliances is the wiring. Before you take the appliances to the dump, simply remove the wiring and insulation from the back. Like electronics, appliance wires contain copper.


Garage Sales


Once you’re done digging through your home, you can turn to garage sales. Before you start rummaging through garage sales though, you should have a strong sense of what different metals will go for. This way, you can sell your buys for more than you bought them for. A few of the best options to look for at garage sales are items that contain nickel, copper, chromium, tungsten, aluminum, lead, and zinc. With these costlier metals, you’ll be able to attain a high return.


Just Look Outside


When looking for scrap metal, anything you do should be legal. If you see an item that may contain scrap metal lying by the side of the dumpster on trash day, you can fairly reason that the item is fair game. You can either take the scrap metal from the item directly or you can take the item with you.


At HC Metals, we make it easy for you to get money for your scrap metal. Check out our site, bring us what you’ve got, and we’ll be able to give you cash for your finds.

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