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Benefits of Scrap Metal Recycling

Recycling scrap metal can be more helpful than you know. Since scrap metal can be continuously re-melted and reshaped, it’s ideally used for a number of products and applications.

Here are some of the benefits of bringing metal scrap to the recycling facility of your choice:

Conserve natural resources

Recycling metal means you can reuse the material for different purposes. That helps conserve the environment and natural resources because that’s one less metal mined and made. This reduces the greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere too. So if you want to do your part in saving the environment and making the world a better place, you might want to give scrap metal recycling a try.

Less use of water

When facilities recycle metal, they make use of less resources needed than to mine and make metals in the first place. For instance, they’ll use about 40 percent less water. That matters. Because when you consider how many recycling plants out there, that 40 percent can amount to a lot. As more and more people learn and appreciate the benefits of using recycling shops, that’s more and more people saving at least 40 percent of the world’s water. In the grand scheme of things, that can amount to quite a lot.

Creates jobs

By supporting recycling facilities, you also help create jobs. Recycling facilities employ a lot of people and contractors. From the crew to all the equipment necessary to make the business run, there are plenty of people behind a successful recycling establishment. By supporting these establishments, you help them stay in business and give jobs to people. That’s a great economic benefit. After all, the more people have jobs, the more stable the economy is. That means more spending power for everyone. Considering how scary economic downturns are, we need all the help we can get.

Convenient service

A number of recycling facilities also offer loading and transportation services. They can remove the scrap from your property and transport it to the facility in a way that’s safe and efficient. No need to go through the hassle of hiring a different company for the scrap disposal and delivery. Just make sure you check with the company first. That way, you’ll know if they have this in their service lineup or not.

For questions about rates and services, call us at HCMetals. We’ll be happy to provide you with the recycling help and assistance you need.

5 Tips to Finding a Credible Recycling Facility

Living green doesn’t just benefit you, it benefits the environment too. So if you’ve got scrap metal in your backyard or storage and you’re looking to unload them, why not try out a recycling facility? Don’t know where to start looking? Here are a few helpful tips for you:

Make a list

List down all the materials you want to bring to the recycling service, whether that’s scrap metal, paper or something else. Once you know what these are, time to go around and look for recycling plants. Check out what materials they accept. Keep looking until you find a recycler that fits the bill.

Compare the costs

Along with the materials, list down how much the companies charge for their service. Listing down all those metal prices, for instance, should give you a good idea of the average cost for the materials you have. As a result, you’ll know which scrap prices are fair and which ones are not. This should make it easier for you to pick which recycling shop to go for. In addition, you won’t have to worry about being scammed or taken in by an unscrupulous recycling shop. Knowing what the average ballpark is for scrap metal prices, you’ll know enough to steer clear of those dodgy establishments. And if you’ve got fine negotiation skills, you can also argue for a fairer price.

Check for a license

However, not all recycling shops out there are licensed to safely and legally get rid of certain types of waste. So make sure you pick a recycling that’s been licensed for the materials you have. That’s one way to ensure they follow the right processing standards and restrictions for the best results.

Do your homework

You might want do a little bit of research about the recycling company. Is it under investigation? Was the company ever fined for violating several environmental laws in the past or recent months? Then that company might not be your best bet if you want your scrap materials to be handled andrecycled properly.

Ask about the process

A credible recycling shop or facility will have no trouble providing you with the answers you need. They’re sure to guide you through the process. So if you’re just getting vague answers in return, you might want to look for help elsewhere.

Finding a credible recycling facility might not be easy. But with these tips, your search should go much faster. For more information on recycling services in Newark, NJ, contact us at HCmetals.

Why You Should Consider Recycling Scrap Metal

Recycling steel scrap materials has evolved as the industry that is dedicated to transforming old materials to create new products has grown substantially. In fact, today, the scrap recycling industry employs more than 130,000 individuals.

There are a number of benefits offered by recycling scrap steel, including the fact that steel scrap prices are higher today than they have been in years.

Environmental Benefits

Each year, the scrap recycling industry transforms over 130 million metric tons of materials that are now obsolete. These materials are gathered from consumers, manufacturers, and businesses and repurposed into all-new, useful raw materials. If no one participated in scrap recycling, then more and more mining would have to be done and the natural, virgin resources would be depleted faster.

Recycling these materials also helps to decrease the greenhouse gas emissions and significantly saves energy thanks to the need for manufacturing all new products being reduced. This energy that is saved when you recycle is able to be used for other purposes, such as powering automobiles and heating homes.

Recycling Ferrous Scrap Materials

Steel is considered the most recycled material in the U.S. as well as all around the world. In the United States alone, over 74 million metric tons of the ferrous scrap materials are processed each year. This material is sourced from obsolete automobiles, household appliances, farm equipment, ships, railroad tracks, and steel structures. Also, scrap that is generated by manufacturing and industrial sources accounts for over half of all the ferrous supply of scrap materials.

Interesting Facts about this Recycling and Steel

Did you know that the United States recycles an amount of copper each year to create more than 26,000 Statues of Liberty? Also, if the aluminum scrap that was processed in the U.S. was used just for producing the standard soda can, the cans would be the same length as the distance from Earth to Venus, which is just over 25 million miles. Each year the U.S. creates more than 250 billion pounds of different scrap material. This is equivalent to the weight of more than 70 million average automobiles.

How to Recycle Your Scrap Metal for Money

There is no question that recycling and also reusing items, such as newspapers, clothing, and plastic bottles is important. After all, these small actions each day can help with the green movement. However, a section of the recycling industry that is not as popular, but that is just as important is recycling old metal. The fact is, exports of scrap metal are considered one of the biggest in the entire United States and when metals are recycled, the total amount of ore drilling in the world is able to be reduced.

Some of the scrap metal recycling items you can actually earn money for include iron, brass, aluminum, steel, and copper. However, many people often throw these items away, not realizing that the metal prices today for recycling are actually higher than they have been in years.

Make Money Recycling Scrap Metal

What many people simply don’t know is that the majority of scrap metal is able to be recycled for cash at the local scrap yard. If you are interested in recycling your scrap items, it is a good idea to get to know what the going price of scrap metal is right now. Since these yards see a large amount of scrap in some cases, you may not be able to get top dollar, but something is better than nothing when you were just going to throw it out anyway, right?

The Magnet Test

When you are ready to recycle your scrap metal, you need to start by separating your non-ferrous and ferrous metal. The best way to do this is by using a magnet. If the magnet will stick to the metal, then this is a ferrous metal and something common such as iron or steel. This is not worth as much as non-ferrous metal.

If the magnet doesn’t stick to the item, then this is non-ferrous. This includes items such as bronze, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and copper. These items are typically worth more.

Once you have your items sorted, head to the scrap yard. The more items you have, the more money you can earn, and you have the added bonus of doing something great for the environment.

What’s the Price Difference between Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals?

Because non-ferrous metal is more difficult to come by than ferrous scrap metals, metal recycling prices per lb. will be best for them. Inside every core metal group include sub-categories based upon what the real scrap metal happens to be. Below are a few instances of metal grading in order for you to know what you can expect if you are taking things to be recycled to the dealer in your area.


It can be separated into wire, tubing, and roofing categories. Each one is graded using a rating of #1, 2, or 3. On average, number 1 bare bright copper wire usually brings in the top costs at $2.20/pound, whereas, on average, #3 roofing copper brings in around $1.50/pound. Also, copper that has tar might be taken by a few dealers in the area.

Stainless Steel

Numbers that are assigned to this steel are reflections of the real alloy, as well as quality of materials utilized to create it. This series ranges from 100 to 600 with certain numbers that are assigned to stainless steel. The majority of dealers will provide a per pound rate for stainless steel (300 series).


The metal is special because it’ll come in various forms. Aluminum cans can be recycled with a per pound price inside states in which there isn’t any container deposit rule. A bit of aluminum is blended with copper; it’s sold at a different rate, such as with radiators. Various aluminum alloys, like #6063 or #6061, possess volatile spot costs which frequently change all throughout the day. It may be discovered in turnings, siding, in wire, or be provided in heaps of aluminum scrap.

If you have a desire to know which prices you’ll be getting for your metal as you sell scrap metal, you will have to have an idea what type of metal you are selling and which grade it’ll be assigned. Brighter metals which are simple to recycle and clean always will command the top costs and cash for scrap metal, particularly while looking at non-ferrous scrap metal rates.

What is Scrap Metal’s price per Pound?

Scrap metal prices within the U.S. may change upon a day-to-day basis, as a disclaimer. The metal prices provided here must be utilized as a guideline to gain an idea of what’s possible to obtain at your area scrap metal yards. Regional and local influences inside your territory or state may make spot costs lower or higher. Dealers must charge different premium percentages above spot cost or they can add certain taxes which will take away from a personal profit.
Be ready to show some identification which includes your present address. Due to theft of scrap metal, dealers in nearly all states must keep a log of the time clients come in to sell their scrap metal.
Below are the average costs which typically are obtainable for ferrous metals.
Appliances: $0.07/pound
Cast iron: $110/ton
Sheet iron: $135/ton
Scrap iron: $135/ton
Melting steel: $145/ton
There are not any quality ratings listed for those ferrous metals. So long as metal may fit inside one of those categories, this is the average rate which is going to be offered by American scrap dealers. One ton will equal 2,000 pounds.
Below are the average prices which typically are obtainable for non-ferrous metals.
Aluminum: $0.30 to $0.40/pound
Copper/Aluminum: $0.95/pound
Aluminum cans: $0.36/pound
300 Series Stainless Steel: $0.35 to $0.55/pound
Bronze: $1.35/pound
Brass: $1.15 to $3.00 (more if clean)/pound
Copper: #1 through #3: $1.50 to $2.10/pound
Bare bright copper (that includes wire): $2.20/pound
You might also have the ability to recycle scrap lead elements, depending upon your area dealer’s state and licensing laws. Certain laws usually govern the transport and handling of scrap lead; therefore, you might need the dealer to remove the metal from your property. Average price of this scrap within the United States is $0.45/pound.

Why Engage With Scrap Metal Dealers

Scrap metal recycling has for a long time been part of the green movement worldwide. Converting scrap metal into valuable output is one of the ways of ensuring the environment is secured for the long haul. By recycling metals, it helps reduce the level of ore drilling. There are good reasons why you would want to look for a reliable scrap metal recycling dealer and here they are:

Ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling

Nonferrous metals as part of the metal scrap recycling process are particularly crucial, as many people do not deem materials such as dead electrical appliances as useful anymore. When selling the scrap metal, you want to deal with a dealer who has state-of-the-art machinery that will ensure that virtually every form of metal is turned into useful material in the long run. The company should have handling equipment and handlers who have the experience and expertise and are on hand to ensure every part of the recycling process is smooth and efficient.

Competitive market pricing

The scrap metal market is a competitive forte, with the price of scrap metal varying from one dealer to another. It is only ethical for you to get the exact value for the amount of metal that you sell, and this is why reliable dealers have made it a point to give the fairest offers for the scrap metals. These dealers do this because they understand the use of secondary raw materials as opposed to the primary ones is much more economical and also helps the environment. In other words, they aim to make it a win-win for every party involved in the dealings.

Home appliances proving bulky?

Damaged refrigerators, television sets, and other home appliances may be taking up some otherwise useful space in your home. Why not trade them in for some cash? The fact that they will be put to better use while making you that little bit richer is a deal worth taking. Furthermore, you need not worry about the bulkiness of the appliances, as the dealers can offer scrap metal pick up in situations where they cannot physically be transported by the owner.

Sell that scrap metal or dead appliance in your garage, as it will not only free up some space but also earn you some cash.

Recycling Scrap Copper and Metal

Copper is one of the most common metals that can be found all over your home and even to make parts of your home, too! In fact, it’s a very common material that is used to make roofing material, gutters and even your plumbing pipes! This is why it’s very easy for one to find scrap copper just around the house. If you find enough that may seem useless, you can trade them in for very good prices! What most people don’t know is that prices for scrap copper are actually the highest of all the metals, so if you’re looking for a quick buck you might want to start looking around! Here are a few things you should know about the industry involved in recycling your scrap copper.

Copper and Copper Alloy: History of the Industry

Copper is still the metal with the highest prices to date when traded in. This may seem surprising to most, as copper is so easily used and reused. In fact, it is so prevalent that as much as half of the copper produced and sold every year comes from recycled scrap copper in the United States. The prevalence of using scrap copper comes from a mandate from the British Empire before the great American Revolutionary War. The copper was then sent to England, where it was to be processed. The recycling of metals was also incredibly prevalent during the war, as a lot of household and decorative goods were used to make weapons. They were even turned back into said goods after the war had ended!

Why the market prices aren’t what you should expect

People will always come across scrap metal at some point in their lives. Maybe you have a friend that may be renovating. Maybe you live near a demolition site that has a lot of them around. Whatever the reason may be, you’re bound to run into scrap metal. The thing about this though is that not a lot of people know what to do with it. You can dump it at your nearest junk shop, however there may be a better way to dispose of it. For example, getting rid of them with H&C Metals can get you some great prices for stuff you might as well consider junk. Here are a few things that come into play when disposing of your scrap metal, which might shed light on why disposing your scrap metal with us could be a great way to get rid of some junk and make a few bucks, as well!

Many make the rookie mistake of looking at the prices that they may see on websites to have an understanding of how much their scrap metal might be worth. Let’s say you look at Comex or LME and see that steel goes for $4 per pound, this isn’t reflective of what you can get at your nearest junk shop. These prices listed are those that pertain to pure commodities that can already be turned into new products. This means that your scrap metal still needs to undergo a certain process to be worth as much as what’s listed on those websites.

Here at H&C Metals, we make the most out of your scrap metal. And while there are some easy ways to get rid of your scrap metal, doing it with us would not only be easy but also convenient and can get you a few good bucks in exchange, as well. So before you walk over to your nearest junk shop, here are just some of the benefits of selling your scrap metal that you might want to consider. You might just end up picking up the phone and giving us a ring by the end of it!

The convenience of scrap metal pickup

H&C Metals makes it easy for you to sell off your metals. You no longer need to go through the grueling task of looking for a container and wheeling off all your scrap metals to the junk shop. We make it easier for you with our pickup service! All you have to do is pick up the phone and leave your metal for our pickup crew to collect. We’ll take care of sorting it out for you. It’s the easiest way to get rid of your junk.

Why Recycling Metal is Necessary

Many might not be aware of the fact that there’s a global scrap metal recycling industry, however for those of you that are, you should also know that the scrap metal recycling industry is huge. This is why there are many payouts for both you and the world when you recycle metal. It benefits not only you, but also the environment and surprisingly enough, the economy as well. Here are a few advantages to reap when you recycle metal.

The scrap metal recycling industry is actually one of the most interesting industries there is! No, this isn’t a stretch. We say this mainly because there are so many fun facts about how it contributes to the economy and the environment that might convince you to start recycling, yourself! Besides that, it also affects you as a consumer, too; providing benefits to you in the long run. Take a look at some of these tidbits that could have you searching around your house to recycle!

Huge contribution to job creation

Scrap metal recycling is actually a very technical field to enter. People who have jobs in this industry go under a lot of training and possess a lot of skills to even do their job effectively. This is why it isn’t surprising that in some places such as New York City, scrap metal recycling jobs produce amount to about half a million all over the country!

Recycling metal is not only cheaper and more efficient, but it’s also better for the world in general in the long run. However, while these are good perks, some may say that to call it “necessary” is a stretch, but in reality it isn’t. Fact of the matter is that metal is an important resource that we should make the most of by recycling, no longer by mining more of it. Here are a few points that would help you understand why metal recycling is necessary for us.

Metal is used for almost everything

Here’s the thing that most people don’t realize: there are many crucial industries that rely on metal that make up a significant portion of the world economy. Some of these are electronics and construction. These are huge industries that contribute to our everyday lives in a huge way, so if we abuse the prime resource used to build its backbone, we’re effectively helping it collapse.

Finding a Scrap Metal Recycling Company Is Essential for Many Businesses

Various businesses have extra scrap metal they need to get rid of, so finding a company that can take these products off your hands is essential. If your business involves areas such as industrial, construction, demolition, hospital, or municipal services, you likely need a company that will recycle metal and can accept a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, so your own business does not have to deal with this task. At H&C Metals, we accept a wide variety of metals, and our services include scrap metal recycling and much more. In fact, when it comes to metal recycling of any kind, you can look to us first.
Types of Metal Usually Accepted

Most companies that recycle your scrap metal will buy different metals from you, including stainless steel, HVAC equipment, lead acid batteries, brass and copper, high-temperature alloys, all types of aluminum, insulated wire, iron drums and appliances, as well as ferrous and non-ferrous metals of all kinds. At H&C Metals, we pay top prices for all of these materials, and we will haul and recycle the items quickly and efficiently. From computers and electronic scrap to automotive parts that include starters and alternators, we have the experience you’re looking for because we recycle metal of all types and sizes.
Even if you have sophisticated and high-volume requirements for your business, H&C Metals can accommodate you. We have a spacious scrap metal yard, a variety of trucking and hauling capabilities, and large industrial roll-off containers, so regardless of your recycling or hauling needs, you can count on us to do the job right the first time.
Advantages of Using a Professional Recycling Company

Everyone is interested in recycling these days, and today’s recycling includes scrap metal recycling and recycling of materials such as auto and truck rims, and even aluminum siding. If it’s made out of materials such as aluminum, steel, copper, or any other type of metal, there are companies that will purchase it from you and dispose of it in an environmentally advantageous manner. Metal recycling companies serve a variety of needs, and companies like H&C Metals will help you remove these items from your office or job site and recycle them in a way that is kind to the environment as well as responsible.
Regardless of your industry, do not merely throw your extra scrap metal in the trashcan, which adds recyclable material to already-overfull landfills. Rather, contact a company like H&C Metals, where we make the entire process easy and quick. We will work with you from beginning to end, answer any questions you have along the way, and will make sure that in the end, you are happy with our services.