Best Prices on your Copper Scrap

When you’ve got a large amount of copper pipes, tubing, wire or flashing to dispose of we’re the ones to call! H&C Metals has been recycling all types of metal for almost 40 years in the Newark area. We stay up to date on the current market prices on copper, aluminum, steel, and alloys to give you the fairest return on your scrap.

Copper is used in a number of applications including air conditioning, hot water heaters, door hinges, various fixtures, faucets, plumbing, a large number of wires, and in some electronics. As a result of its popularity, both homeowners and businesses may eventually find themselves with an overabundance of scrap metal to get rid of during a deconstruction or a remodel. That’s where we come in! We can offer you the best current market prices on the following:

  • #1 Copper such as pipes or tubing free of paint or solder
  • #2 Copper such as pipes with oil or other contamination inside
  • Light flashing from around a chimney or gutter, or from inside some electronics

Whether you have just a few pieces of truckloads we can help. If you need hauling assistance, give us a call. Our large selection of trucks and trailers can move just about any amount of scrap you may have. Don’t know if we can handle the amount of scrap you have? We can offer an on-site evaluation and let you know for sure.

As a full-service metal recycling facility we can also handle aluminum, steel, brass, lead, some vehicle parts, industrial scrap, HVAC units, ductwork, electronics, and much more. We’re federally licensed and experienced in safely reclaiming Freon from freezers and air conditioners for future repurposing.

When you want some fast cash for recycling metal contact us today!