Highest Prices on all of your Steel Scrap

H&C Metals has been recycling metal scrap for almost 40 years. We know how to safely handle almost all types of recyclable metals and similar materials to help keep the earth and air cleaner. By being able to recycle a large number of metals, we can keep toxic materials out of landfills and help preserve the environment for future generations.

Steel is one of the most recycled types of metal, as it’s used in a large amount of ways from construction to the automotive industry. Steel can be in the form of screws, nails, springs, office furniture, washing machines, heavy machinery, aircraft, bridges, skyscrapers and more! While we may not be able to recycle a bridge, we can handle most other individual or industrial loads. If you have an amount of scrap but aren’t sure we can handle it, give us a call and let us come take a look. We can give you an on-site evaluation and let you know for sure if we can move it safely.

Why should you consider H&C Metals for your recycling needs?

  • Family-owned & operated for nearly 40 years. We know recycling!
  • We are an NJ-DEP qualified hauler of computing and other electronic scraps.
  • We have a variety of trucks and trailers to safely haul whatever metals you have.
  • We stay current on all market prices, giving you the best possible return on your scrap.
  • Our facility is federally licensed to reclaim and recycle Freon in an environmentally safe way.

As a full-service metal recycling facility we can also handle aluminum, copper, brass, some vehicle parts, most types of industrial scrap, rooftop HVAC units, lead, electronics, and a lot more.

If you have unique recycling needs contact us today to arrange a pickup!